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ERR is a literate, friendly roleplay site. You can choose to either be a horse, or the rider, or maybe even both.
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 Site Rules

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PostSubject: Site Rules   Thu Feb 18, 2016 3:51 pm

Be literate. Your post should be at least 4 lines. This rule applies to both human roleplayers and horse roleplayers. I understand if your short a few lines, but don't post something like, "She sat." and that be the end of it.

The staff has the right to decline you request to join the site with a specific character if we feel it doesn't belong here, you haven't read the rules, etc...

Do not start roleplaying before your character(s) have been accepted. Its annoying not knowing who you're talking to because their character has NOT even been accepted in yet.

Respect should be given to each member of this site, especially (but not excluded to) the staff who work hard to make this site as fun and friendly as possible.

Sure, drama makes for a good roleplay, but don't make it constant. Its annoying, especially if you act as if you can't even help yourself.

Do not constantly advertise your site, artwork, writings, etc... anywhere on the site. There is a place specifically made for this purpose.

Do not post twice in the same topic right after another. Wait until someone else responds! Its annoying. If you make a mistake or want to add on to an old post, just edit it, its not hard.

You may have 3 human characters and 3 horse characters, however, try to equal it out if you have more than one character, 1 horse, 1 human, etc.. If you make separate accounts, please separate them with one account being for you humans and one for your horses, or all separate.

Do not control another person's character, simple as that, no explanation needed.

Your not perfect, so why should your character's be? Its annoying, we all have flaws somewhere.

This is a semi-realistic roleplay. This means the use of powers, unusual coat colors, etc... will not be tolerated.

Cussing is allowed, but to a minimum. Also, any use of sexual content or anything suggesting it is prohibited along with detailed births. Its just, ew... no.
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Site Rules
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